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Interested in hosting a house concert in 2024?

Greetings good people!  


We are filling 2024 with unique, intimate concerts in beautiful, sacred spaces.  Though labeled "house concerts", these shows can be held anywhere....old churches, the woods, state parks, neighborhood clubhouses, backyards, well lit living rooms, beaches, art galleries, yoga studios, clubs etc.  


There are truly no rules and the concept is quite simple:  Together with our hosts cultivate a sacred space to share in the communion of music, presence and love wherever we are.  

If you'd like to host a show and can provide a space and an audience of 30+ people from your community, please apply below and we will be in contact as we plan our route throughout the year.  


Touring begins in March in Florida/The Southeast and from there we are a blank canvas.   

Thanks for submitting!

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